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Weight loss is a challenge that can be downright mystifying, even maddening for many of us at times! Often we can make what we believe are the correct changes, and still the weight doesn’t come off.

What my patients often don’t realize before they come to the clinic is that their weight issues are caused by certain imbalances in the body. There are 5 main imbalances I see time and again that cause them, and no doubt many others, to gain weight.

I have worked with hundreds of people who have tried numerous diets over the years their results show me the same pattern.  Women and men will come to me after trying Dr. Atkins, The South Beach diet, The Mediterranean diet, the low carb diets, counting calorie diets– just to name a few-without getting the results they had hoped for.

They feel frustrated and confused over why their friend ends up losing fifteen pounds and they haven’t been able to lose more than two pounds on the same program. After years of treating hundreds of people for unwanted weight, I have discovered that the 5 most common issues accounting for this frustration are:

No knowing their body type.Applying a generic one fits all diet plan.An endocrines system disruptionAn inability to identify which body system is sick.A lack of support in changing life habits.

Any one of these problems can stop weight loss in it’s tracks. What’s different in our clinical approach is that we focus on the health of the individual not just losing weight. The weight loss becomes a side effect of becoming healthier, more vibrant and stronger. For example if your overweight vascular system is restricted by 50% for every 10 lbs. extra you carry. Imagine what that is doing to your heart, liver and circulatory system to have their blood flow restricted by half!

If you overlook even one of these issues, losing weight is going to be a struggle. When I help people find that missing piece of puzzle we see amazing things happen with their health and weight loss.There are a few major types of weight gain and they show up on the body in different ways. I work to identify which body type my patients have, and which organ system is struggling the most. If this isn’t addressed and corrected then weight loss is very difficult if not impossible.Probably the most important skill besides identifying body type is the ability to identify what unique health problems are through medical Chinese pulse diagnosis. This allows me to create a customized plan specifically for you. I have helped hundreds of people lose weight and keep it off through this system I have just shared with you. I love helping people take back their health and body. Let me help take back  your health today! Sign up for a consultation below or schedule your appointment today.

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