Buffalo Chicken With Spice and Cabbage

This is another delicious meal from the diet doctor site. Be sure not to get your oil to hot or put a little bit of water in with the chicken to keep the oil from burning and running the oil.  Ingredients Buffalo chicken 3 tbsp coconut oil or butter 1 tbsp garlic powder 2 tbsp hot sauce…

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Spicy Pork Kale Soup

For a souper supper that is flavorful and keto, get cooking with this well-spiced pork soup. It’s a one-pot meal, with a little extra fun—a buttery fat bomb to finish it with style. Drop it in. Watch it melt. Then say good-bye to hunger… and hello to flavor from the diet doctor.  Instructions Mix butter, sesame…

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Why Are The Current ADA Recommended Blood Sugar Levels Dangerous To Your Health?

According to the American Diabetes Association ADA, a “normal” blood glucose level for non-diabetic individuals, is between 70-130 mg prior to meals and 180 mg after meals. In this article I will address what are safe and normal levels of blood glucose levels. We will look at some studies that illustrate this. I’ll also be sharing with you an…

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Why Cholesterol Doesn’t Cause Heart Disease

Highlights: Clearing up confusion about: What to eat to optimize your health and cholesterol– The myth that cholesterol is “bad” is based on studies that are outdated— Learn the facts about: How cholesterol is synthesized and controlled by the liver– How more recent, long-term studies showing no association between saturated fat, and blood cholesterol levels–…

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The Most Important Indicators for Predicting Heart Disease.

Highlights: The importance of cholesterol in the body What indicators put you at risk for Coronary Vascular Disease (CVD) Ratios are more important than individual cholesterol numbers when determining risk for CVD The real cause of Coronary Heart Disease     Cardiovascular disease affects about 70 Million Americans and is responsible for 610,000 deaths per…

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Are You Eating These 6 Dangerous Foods?

Food toxins make their way into our meals every day, without us even realizing it. These unsafe foods are easier to eliminate than you think. I have listed the 6 worst ones in this article. We don’t purposely add these when we are cooking for ourselves or family, yet they sneak in because we don’t…

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Do You Have Hashimoto’s Autoimmune Hypothyroidism Disease (AITD)?

The most important reason to know about Hashimoto’s and whether you have it, is so you can treat it effectively. This condition indicates that the problem is with your immune system and not your thyroid.  A low-functioning thyroid is the symptom of your body’s immune system destroying thyroid tissue. If you don’t get your immune…

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Your Thyroid Health And What You Probably Don't Know

Your Thyroid Health And What You Probably Don’t Know

Your thyroid health depends on several factor which I will start to cover here. An estimated 20 million of americans have some form of thyroid disease. Amazingly 60 percent of these people don’t know the have a problem. The number of people affected by thyroid disorders continues to rise every year. One in eight women…

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Increase Your Metabolism

Increase Your Metabolism And Burn More Fat By Doing This 1 Thing

A Simple Way To Build And Maintain Lean Muscle Mass While Losing Weight Our bodies are built to be active. Think of our ancestors from just 300 years ago.  No cars and no office jobs. You don’t have to run miles a day but I like to recommend moderate levels of activity.  I usually have…

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Gut And Lose Weight

Heal Your Gut And Lose Weight

Why Having a Healthy Gut = Weight Loss   Losing weight can be a tricky and complicated process for many people because it usually means one or more of the bodies biological systems and metabolism is not functioning properly.  The gut is one of the first places I start with my patient who want to lose…

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