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Are you struggling with chronic disease?

A staggering number of Americans are suffering from chronic disease.  Are you one of them? If you are seeking a professional health care provider to help you reach your goals, we can help you.

A better way to treat chronic Disease

Chronic disease is accelerating in the US and around the world. The current conventional health care approach isn't able to do anything about it. Let's face it western medicine is falling short of keeping us healthy.


The problem is the Western medicine conventional model is a disease management system. It waits for you to get sick and then manages your disease.

 Let's look at an example. With conventional 

Often times these medications cause other side effects than more pills will be prescribed to treat.

People are wanting a new approach that treats the underlying cause of disease and not just symptoms. They want a system that acknowledges that diet and lifestyle play an important role in their health and well being.

Before coming to see Kalub at the transformational Acupuncture and Wellness Clinic I felt fatigued, had chest discomfort, having difficulty sleeping and was having digestive issues. I run my own business and often work long hours so the fatigue was starting to effect my ability keeping up with my busy business.

When Kalub diagnosed me with a heart block and heart weakness I was stunned but after 3 weeks of treatment I felt much much better. So he much of been correct in his assessment. After 2 months I felt about 80% with all my symptoms and didn't have the heart discomfort or fatigue anymore. At the end of the program I am happy to say I feel 10 years younger and all my symptoms are gone. Thank you Kalub.


Business Owner

I came to see Kalub because I was having low energy and exhausted all the time. I wasn’t happy with my eating habits, had other health issues and had gained 40 extra pounds.

I noticed a difference immediately in my energy and mood. I felt more energy and lost 6 pounds the first two weeks. Honestly I just felt relief and hope that I wasn’t doomed to continue gaining weight and feeling terrible. I ended up losing 50 pounds in total and I feel great!


Kalub has been amazing for me.  I had very high toxic liver levels along with being 60 pounds overweight and a friend recommended me to him. 

Immediately he pinpointed what was going on with my liver and in four months completely healed my liver thru herbs and I took a blood test to prove it.  He got me straight on my diet I'm down 30 pounds and have 30 pounds to go. 

His Chinese pulse diagnosis is completely on point and the healing acupuncture I've received from him has truly been life-changing.  I had a wrist condition that was in stage four and I was in need of surgery... his acupuncture treatments got me out of pain and got me out of the need for surgery..
He has truly been life changing for me.

Kat O

Our Clinic

Acupuncture for pain relief

Typically you can expect the pain to subside from 50 to 100% during a treatment.

Complete Herbal Pharmacy

We have over 650 herbs and proprietary blends you can only find at the clinic formulated by Kalub Jarosh L.Ac a Master Herbalist.

Post Op recovery and Care

Acupuncture scientifically has been shown to increase healing times for injuries.

Customized Weight Loss plans

We assess you as an individual and customize your treatment weight loss plan.

Convenient Appointment Times

We want you to be able to get the care you need.

Often Covered By Insurance

Often insurance covers acupuncture for a variety of conditions.

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Before coming to the clinic I was on 14 medications and I still felt terrible. I was really concerned because I had severe chest pain, fatigue and I couldn't sleep.

After about 1 month the chest pain was 50% better and at the end of the care program 80% improved. I was able to get off all the meds and I feel so much better. Thank you Kalub!

Lori G


Before I came to Kalub, I had a chronic injury in my neck and a lot of pain. After getting a series of acupuncture treatments the discomfort and pain reduced significantly and have not come back. I can now turn my head. He also helped me with my anxiety, fatigue and digestive issues.

He gave me Chinese herbs to take and checked with me every two weeks and adjusted my herbs as needed.

He is very patient and really listen's to you. I highly recommend him for all your health issues, he is very knowledgeable and caring.

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Lilian D


Kalub has been great! Before working with Kalub, I had lots of stomach pain and discomfort. I had gone to many different Western doctors including the Mayo clinic, but nothing was working. I was constipated and bloated all the time, tired and dependent on miralax.

After working with Kalub, I am feeling much better now! I am no longer bothered by daily stomach discomfort and have more energy. He has been really great to work with, he really cared about how I was feeling and listened to me. He was the first doctor to look at the big picture and at all my symptoms together.

I would most definitely recommend him to my friends and family! Thank you, Kalub!

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Caitlyn M


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