Your Thyroid Health And What You Probably Don't Know

Your Thyroid Health And What You Probably Don’t Know

ThyroidYour thyroid health depends on several factor which I will start to cover here. An estimated 20 million of americans have some form of thyroid disease. Amazingly 60 percent of these people don’t know the have a problem. The number of people affected by thyroid disorders continues to rise every year. One in eight women will develop a thyroid issue in the lifetime. Because of this thyroid medication is the 3rd top drug sales in the U.S.


The most common type of disorder of the thyroid is hypothyroidism. This means under activity of the thyroid. The thyroid isn’t producing or the thyroid hormone isn’t getting converted to a usable form.  Since every cell has receptors for thyroid hormones this can cause all types of problems like fatigue, constipation, metal fogginess, infertility, muscle fatigue, dry skin, depression, hair loss, cold intolerance,  and several other symptoms that are quite unpleasant.


Because every cell in the body has a receptor for this hormone it can directly affect your G.I tract function or digestion, your cardiovascular system, brain, steroid hormone endocrine system, metabolism of glucose(sugar) lipids(fats), bone metabolism, and gallbladder, liver function.  Isn’t that something! You can clearly see how important the thyroid is to your entire health and function of your body.


One of the biggest problems is that the approach of conventional medicine is inadequately equipped to treat the underlying problem that causes the disfunction of hypothyroidism. Alternative approaches most of the time don’t fair any better if they are not combined with a comprehensive knowledge and assessment of thyroid function.  In the following articles of this series I will cover why the conventional treatment of hypothyroidism fails, why blood test often come back in normal ranges and how to successfully get the thyroid functioning properly again.


The Number One Most Important Factor


Even if thyroid medications and alternative remedies are successful in the beginning of treatment why do they often stop working or become less effective as time goes on? I will quote from the following study, “Hypothyroidism can be induced by various diseases. An autoimmune cause accounts for approximately 90% of adult hypothyroidism, mostly due to Hashimoto’s disease”.Study.


What this means is the immune system attacks the thyroid gland due to antibodies being produced in 90% of people with hypothyroidism. This is called Hoshimoto’s disease and is categorized as an autoimmune disease. According to the American Autoimmune Related Disease Association’s current statistics: 1 out of every 12 men and 1 out of every 9 women have an autoimmune disease.


The problem with conventional western medicine treatment protocol of Hoshimoto’s is it doesn’t have an effective treatment for autoimmune disease.  So there is not specific treatment protocol for Hoshimoto’s hypothyroidism.  If the underlying autoimmune response isn’t treated than you can see how the effectiveness of a treatment is going to be compromised.  The main tool used to control autoimmune are immune suppressing medications and steroids which cause other problems like rheumatoid arthritis and gut permeability, IBS.



The key point to understand here is that in these cases the immune system is causing the disfunction of the thyroid gland and needs to be treated to successfully bring the thyroid function back to normal health.



Heal these hypothyroid conditions requires an integrative approach. Specific blood tests need to be ordered, associated food allergens, vit D levels, heavy metal exposure, selenium, vitamin A, zinc and essential fatty acids all need to be checked. Correcting the situation takes more than simply taking a thyroid pill.