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Weight Loss

My name is Kalub Jarosh.. I am an LAC MOSOM degree and weight loss is one of my focuses in my acupuncture practice. I have worked with many different folks that have tried lot’s of different diets. Dr Atkins, south beach diet, Mediterranean diet and there frustrated with the results they are getting because often times there seems to be a piece that is missing for people.

That’s probably because there are a few pieces of the puzzle that are easy to miss. Nutrition, toxicity, exercise, hormones, endocrine system, sleep, emotions, Lifestyle just to name a few of the factors that determine successful weigh loss. When I help people find that missing piece we see amazing things happen with their health and weight loss.

There are a few major types of weight gain and they show up on the body in different ways. These different weight gain patterns point to different organ and hormonal imbalances and if they are not addressed and supported than weight loss is very difficult.

Probably the most important aspect of what I do is support the whole body to work as a healthy system. Weight loss often comes as a result of this approach. So it is essential that you know where you are starting from. That is why I offer a free consultation. To better assess the missing key for you.